Frequently Asked

Are you Catholic?

Yes. We were part of the Roman church until the Old Catholic Church separated in protest of Papal infallibility, among other things; as established at Vatican I. Also yes because we do believe that despite all divisions, we are part of "One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church" In Truth, Catholic means "Universal". We are all part of the Body of Christ.


What is Old Catholic?

Old Catholic is any group with succession from the Bishops involved with the Munich Meeting in 1871. There are earlier foundations involved in what is "Old Catholic" And these can be found any places on the internet.


Is the Old Catholic church part of or in communion with Rome?

While many would like to reachieve communion with Rome, we are not in communion, however;

The† Old Catholic Church centered in Utrecht is in communication, though no intention of rejoining, just creating peaceful ecumenicism.


Since your descended from Old Catholic churches, do you do your mass in Latin?

We don't. We know some in other segments of the Old Catholic Umbrella that DO, but that is their prerogative.


Since you don't follow the pope, who do you follow?

Christ. His words and teachings are the core of what we follow.


Do you have the same Sacraments as the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox, and Anglican Churches?

Yes, We have the seven sacred sacraments. Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Marriage, Holy Orders, Confession, Anointing of the sick, though not in that order specifically.


Have you changed the sacraments?

Yes, only in that the theology and performance of the sacraments are reflecting of our following of Christ, not church politics.


Do you have apostolic succession?

Yes. And if asked, our clergy can produce their lines of succession within a reasonable amount of time.


You say all validly baptized Christians may receive communion. What is validly baptized and how come you have this "open" type communion when other catholic churches do not?

Because we believe all who are baptized (have gone through the process of trinitarian baptism and have made the baptismal vows) are part of the body of Christ and are as deserving (or not) as the next person to take communion.


Why havenít we heard of it before?

We are growing slowly and carefully. Some segments of Rome are fearful of us, but we have no quarrel with them. We do not wish to arouse their ire or make problems. So we grow slowly, carefully, and respectfully.


Any other questions?

Ask us. We have no problem answering questions. Our emails are on our contact page.


What if I want to join up?

Talk to us! We will see what goes from there.