Our Slightly Tumultous History

This was a controversial move on our parts. We could list endlessly the reasons for leaving but we won’t. We will leave you with the note we filed upon leaving OCAC UK on August 2nd, 2019.  Every member of our diocese at that time of leaving left with us and anyone associated with OCAC UK at this time was not a part of our diocese or organization at that time. We took the name The Catholic Apostolic Church (TCAC) to remember the heritage that brought us together, to separate ourselves as an independent entity within the body of Christ, and clear up confusion between our organization and the group we had to leave after 1 year keeping an alternate similar name that caused us problems.

2 August 2019

Severance of Communion with the Old Catholic Apostolic Church United Kingdom

We, the Bishops and Clergy of the Old Catholic Apostolic Church of Canada and North America, with valid succession in Old Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, and Roman Catholic lines, hereby make the following declaration.

The patriarch of this church, Right Reverend Adrian Trimlett-Glover, has acted in a manner of conduct unbecoming his stature and role as Patriarch of this church. He has committed the irregularities of heresy against apostolic tradition and abuse of power within a church founded upon conciliarism.

We have made attempts at forgiveness and restoration of communion and unity, only to be rebuffed by unchristian behavior, slander, censorship, and continued misapplication of canon law.

Therefore, while it grieves us so to do, we exercise our rights of binding and loosing granted by our Lord to those in apostolic office and hereby loose our bonds, spiritual and temporal, with the Old Catholic Apostolic Church - United Kingdom. We hereby maintain our identity of Old Catholic Apostolic Church of Canada and North America.

We pray for a time when egos may be set aside and all may be one again.

in Christ

Bishop Allen Jones - Diocesan bishop

Bishop T. Gilbert Wilkins / Suffragan bishop / Chancellor

Father Kipp Trembley / Vicar General

Father Joshua Brown / Dean of Seminary


June 19th, 2020

Bishop T Gilbert Wilkins said:

Today, as I indicated on Wednesday to Fr. Kipp and + Allen, and after two days of prayerful reflection, I am resigning from my positions and departing OCACI.  This is a deeply personal decision - and after these days of reflection and I certain it is the correct one.  I wish you all the best, and know you will always be in my prayers, you will always have my support.  May God Bless you all and keep you safe.


Rt Rev Timothy G Wilkins


Dear Brother Bishop, We have received notice of your resignation from the The Catholic Apostolic Church. We are understandably saddened by this news as you have been an important part of OCACI, however, I accept your resignation and wish you the best in your current and future ministerial endeavors. Though we may have differences, please know I consider you a faithful brother in Christ. Should you need a reference of any kind from me, please know I will provide such a document as you are released from OCACI in good standing and without censure.


In Christ

Most Reverend Allen HB Jones,


Metropolitan Bishop - OCACI


Bishop of Vancouver Island - Canada and North America

This history of TCAC is a bit tumultuous, but what church isn't. It all comes from the meeting in Munich in 1871, which founded the independent Old Catholic Church. From there the Liberal Catholic and certain Anglican elements have been added.


Eventually we got to the "Liberal Rite Church" and the Celtic derived "Ancient Catholic Church" which merged for form the Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church in 2008. This church was very strict on Apostolic Succession, which continues with OCACI. At a later date the name was changed to Old Catholic Apostolic Church. In due time, Bishop Allen was consecrated and given rule over North America. After a time of being forgotten by the leadership in Europe, and only contacted with complaints and no support at all; we separated to form OCACI.   Which later became TCAC


As of June 19th, 2020; we lost a Bishop and are down to one Metropolitan, several priests, and the many people we work with.


As of August 2nd, 2020. We are known as The Catholic Apostolic Church. This is to further differentiate us from OCAC-UK.


Other documentation and statements can be found below

             Whereas: The current membership of The Catholic Apostolic Church attached to the rite as set forth in canon have deemed auspicious to erect a new diocese in the nation of Cameroon to better serve the needs of the people.

             This is in accord with provisions as set by and in the spirit of the instructions of the church universal.

             Having sought and heard counsel of the members of The Catholic Apostolic Church, we have established the necessity of the raising of a new diocese.

             I hereby erect Diocese of Cameroon to serve those faithful who, out of a sincere attachment to tradition, desire to celebrate the rites of the church in accord as set forth in the liturgy.

             The Metropolitan entrusts, by mutually agreed terms, the care of the souls of the Diocese of Cameroon to those in charge. The Diocese of Cameroon remains subject to the Metropolitan of The Catholic Apostolic Church, its laws and statutes.

             I entrust to the Lord, under the title of Diocese of Cameroon, the continued spiritual growth and development of this community of Christ's faithful. May those who choose to belong to this new diocese continually develop their sense of belonging to the church and their communion with The Catholic Apostolic church, and strive to be an integral part of the activities of the church.


His Grace, The Most Reverend Allen HB Jones

Bishop of Vancouver Island

Metropolitan of The Catholic Apostolic Church

Signed, this 29th of December in the Year of our Lord 2020 in the 5th year of Bishop Jones Episcopacy.

To Reverend Father Cyrille Komba and his associated Clergy:

It is with regret that we announce that we have suppressed the Diocese of Cameroon.  There were multiple issues with the diocese and we find that we can not maintain our connection.  We grieve this action, but it is necessary for maintaining our church.

Issues include:

                Communication was nearly impossible.

We have had no communication with anyone within the diocese beyond Father Cyrille Komba and no others were either allowed, or capable of communicating with the main church.


We never received an up to date and completed list of the priests and other filled offices within the diocese if Cameroon, nor any documentation of the ordinations of those in the Diocese of Cameroon.


An order to remove the Roman Papal seal from the seal of the diocese was repeatedly ignored.


The head of the diocese made unprofessional accusations towards the head of the church and the priests who were engaged in what little communication was happening between both sections of the church.


Other less specific issues that will not be mentioned in this letter.


 As of December 1, 2021; we have suppressed the Diocese of Cameroon. All priests within the diocese will retain any orders they incardinated with or carried into the church. Any orders that they received, authority given, or privileges granted after entrance into The Catholic Apostolic Church are hereby revoked. The diocese of Cameroon no longer exists and its members and priests are no longer a part of The Catholic Apostolic Church.


Father Cyrille Komba is no longer bishop elect within The Catholic Apostolic Church.

May the grace of God go with Cameroon and all those within her borders.

These orders are made under the authority of the Most Reverend Allen H B Jones, Metropolitan of The Catholic Apostolic Church as of this date, December 1st 2021. 


    In Christ, The Most Reverend Allen H B Jones